Laying the Ground Work by Derric Clemmons

When Cocomocha Studio ventured into the Drive By Project they had one goal in mind: to beautify communities who were in need of a positive cultural identity. The Art Facade Initiative launched soon after and the idea of beautifying business spaces using a blend of cultural pasts was an exciting mix for business owners. Don Churro in the Pilsen neighborhood was the first to sign up for colorful artistic renovation; with only weeks of completion, Cocomocha added La Fruteria Inc. to its repertoire and now Macias Produce is currently undergoing the finishing stage. With two products under the belt, Cocomocha is busy sketching and ready to create unique designs for local businesses. With lined up business possibilities in place, Cocomocha is confident that the art installations will not only generate revenue for those who sign up, but also create a space for communities in which everyone can feel proud to live in.