ART & TAXES / by Derric Clemmons

Another target in the Ashland corridor, in the Back of the Yards community,  was the small yet well known tax office, AMERI-MEX Insurance Agency, positioned on the 46th st. corner for some 30 years . This was an important job in a way because of its simplicity, which was a change from the detailed high color art works we’ve done over the last several years.

The times are tough and we needed to diversify. Signage work was added to the services that were offered. It extended our range and, well produced more opportunities for work.  The professional artist ponders this issue regularly when you have a studio and assistants to maintain.

A pleasant, yet savvy Ms Fonseca, director of the service at AMERI-MEX finally settled on a price she was pleased with and the work was then produced in 2 weeks.  From a commercial point of view, it was a good direction forward. The struggle continues for more recognition and opportunity.