Remembering Rudy-DrivebyArt / by Derric Clemmons

Time is unapologetic. It's been almost a month since we lost Rudy.  Time has swept through the pain, almost covering our memories with layers of countless, endless life routines and the normalities of daily to-dos. The streets of our community are buzzing as loud as usual, the cafe brewed the same coffee, and the bar played the same old Blues. But make no mistake. Some nights are darker, the air a little colder, and some days the sky is not as bright. For those who knew Rudy, these summer nights are a lot less sweeter. 

Cocomocha paid tribute to his memory by creating small tokens of his life like "the mighty lady bug," and birds and flags carrying messages of hope, love, and colorful words of inspiration. For everyone who knew Rudy, we hope that the art will make you smile a little bigger, and surely something you see will take you back in time, if for just a second, to that place of joy, music and his presence. Those who didn't know Rudy, and for the entire community, this art signifies the beauty that will forever remain to reminds us that "those we love can never be more than a thought away, for as long as there's a memory they are in our hearts to stay."

You can check out our tribute at Simone's Bar in Pilsen. 

-written by Sandra Lara