Don Churro

The Art Facade Initiative

Reinvention was necessary. It was time to investigate the relevance of commercial work with a practical motive. Businesses in some communities blended into a sea of banality visually, and color lacked. Drawing from cultural pasts, our studio produced a series of artistic ideas that were presented to businesses that accomplishes several things:

Cultural Identity
Community Identity/Outreach
Customer Attraction

Pilsen community was the first to have the facade design on one of its well-known family establishments, the DON CHURRO pastry store in Chicago. What was a well-known place for delicious Mexican pastry products became a photographic attraction and helps increase business due to its colorful visibility. We knew our efforts would be duplicated soon. 

Before long, additional requests were made for weather resistant facade and panel mural installations in other communities as well. The Art Facades prove to be a cool way to bring heightened individuality to any struggling community with small businesses. Some communities provide SSA rebates
to customers having work performed.  We are looking to invigorate and revitalize the engines of community–your small business.